Saturday, January 15, 2011

Southern Measurements 101

Everybody settle into your seats, class is about to begin...Oh I'm just kidding! The purpose of this list is really to cover my tail and hopefully eliminate your frustrations. Hope it doesn't make it worse! What isn't listed here will be specifically added as a precise measurement, but don't get your feathers ruffled if you have to stretch a bit to make something work. Remember, these are estimates, and in my kitchen cooking is not an exact science. Let's begin:

a pinch or splash (herbs, salts, dry items)= 1/4 teaspoon
a smidge = 1 teaspoon
a dollop or pat (butter, sour cream, etc.) = 1 tablespoon
a splash (milk, water, liquids) = 1/8 cup
a dose = 1/4 cup
a big dose = 1/2 cup
eyeball amount = til it looks right :)

Now, that wasn't so bad right? I will add things here and there as I go, so check back here as much as you need to. Email me if you have questions!


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