Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the cooking begin!

I made it! Well, I'm going to give it good try at least. With inspiration and encouragement from a few friends like Tara, Kimberly, Annie, Carrie, and Lindsey *(this is not ALL of you, but they have blogs too and I wanted to show off their pages) I am venturing out into the blog world to talk about.....drum roll please.....FOOD. Glorious food! I want to hopefully encourage my blog buddies to try things you've never tasted before, prepare old "stand bys" in a way you never dreamed before, and maybe just maybe find something between us that will work it's way into your routine cooking habits. 

My plan here is simple-I will post pictures of our meal choices with my crazy little spin on them throughout the week. On Friday, I'm going to let YOU pick the recipe winner aka the "Toast o' the Town". I will then post the winning recipe for all to try and hopefully enjoy. If your recipe doesn't win, keep voting for it! I will pick a new one each week, maybe two if I can get all the kids to bed early! If you have any recipes you want to share, bring 'em on!

First things first though, I'm going to make a post designated wholly to measurements. Why you ask? Well, if you read my profile, you already know why. I am a southern girl, born and raised in Hollywood....Georgia that is, and southern is as southern does my friend. I will convert my estimates as closely as I can for you super-measure rs out there. There will always be a link in the Archive section so you can refer back to it whenever necessary. You may just want to print it.

Oh! Almost forgot, I've already promised the first recipe out to a few gal pals of mine. It's Caramel Apple Mini Tarts with Cream Cheese. Hence the enormous Mini Tart up above...


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